The Mastodon, which stands high on Mastodon Ridge, is a full scale replica of the Mastodon skeleton found in Milford, Nova Scotia

The project of creating the mastodon replica began by first sculpting a clay scale model based on information supplied by archeologists, as well as by referencing illustrations and other models.

At a scale of 1” = 1′, close attention was paid to skeletal and muscular structure, in particular the shape and size of its shoulders and unique sloped head.

Once the clay model was perfected, work commenced on the production of a full-scale fiberglass and steel replica, actually slightly larger than life-size for impact.

Just how big is it?

  • The mastodon replica weighs approximately 1400 kg (3000 lbs)
  • It stands 3.5 m (10 feet) high at the shoulder, 4.5 m (13 feet) high at the tip of its outstretched trunk
  • From the tail to the tips of its tusks it measures 7.5 m (22 feet)
  • The tusks alone are 2 m (6 feet) long

The entire project, from sculpting the clay model to the completion of the fiberglass and steel replica took about 8 weeks.

In January of 1995 the mastodon was delivered to Mastodon Ridge, where it still stands today.

How was it made?

First, large blocks of Styrofoam were sculpted into the Mastodon image approved by the archeologists and based on the clay model.

Follow the sculpting process in our photo gallery below!

Bringing our mastodon, Marvin, to life